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Masaru Tanaka Professor

The Graduate School of Science consists of four majors: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Chemistry, and Earth System Science.
Under the philosophy of contributing to social development and welfare in harmony with nature through research on natural science, we aim to cultivate vital human resources who have a high level research ability that enables independent research activities, and nurture professionals who have the ability to play an active role in society by utilizing these academic skills. Specifically, in the Master program, students are trained to acquire a wide range of academic knowledge in specialized domains, apply their skills, and acquire research skills based on them. In the Doctor course, by further deep and developed education, we develop human resources with advanced research capabilities that can perform research activities independently.

In order to achieve this goal, we accept students who have academic ability above a certain level, are interested in various phenomena of nature and mathematics, and are actively engaged in solving problems. Especially, for undergraduate students with particularly high grades, we have established a grade-skipping system in the third year and a recommended admission system in the fourth year.

At the Graduate School of Science, students acquire knowledge about specialized fields and natural science research methods through class subjects such as “study” and “experiment” under the supervision of the main and assistant supervisor. Thus, a systematic curriculum is organized to develop student’s ability of research and self-expression.

Furthermore, in the Doctor course, independent research promotion and discussion through seminars and colloquiums are also regarded as important so that students can become independent researchers.

Master's degrees in science or Doctoral (Science) degrees are awarded to students who have acquired the necessary credits through such a curriculum, submitted a thesis for master's or doctor’s degree, and passed the final examination. I look forward to your positive challenges.

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